It’s life.

How is this life fair? When you get something that you’ve lost all the will, to earn.
When you gain the little that you thought you deserved, but you gain it when you lose all your courage, your strength to learn to keep it.
Do we thrive on the chase? Because it’s too tough, that road with too many bumps, that circle that just won’t fit in the square, that insolvent piece of art that you try to perceive as a masterpiece, that ruined personality that you transform to feel that you’ve distorted something for the better.
Is it always about us? When you fix something that needs to be fixed, do you do it to feel good about yourself? Or do you learn to enhance that ideal, that representation of that mere idea, for the greater good?
Why don’t we ask ourselves that one simple question? Is it about us, or them? After all, don’t we benefit from that uplifting feeling of making a change in someone’s life, which in actuality revolutionizes a part in you.
This is life after all, you can cheat all you want, but you win the game, when it’s meant to be won.
You can neither push too hard, nor pull too less, whatever’s thrown your way, it will fit exactly where it needs to be fit.
Yet we all struggle, to find that one tiny key that will open the chest of pure happiness, when we don’t really recognize, no such key exists.
So you turn your own fear into an enemy, your own boundaries into walls that strangle you till you choke for some air in your lungs, your insecurities into complex theories, your friendships into dependency and your love into a problem that exists because you just didn’t stop your heart for that one second, which changed your life nevertheless.
Everybody wants a life without pain, what insufficient, reckless people don’t realize is, that pain is there, for a reason.
When you look back on your life, you think of the best, and the mediocre. But the best time includes the things that you weren’t supposed to do, but you did them anyway. Life’s too short for rules. So either you live in the moment, or you don’t live at all.



  1. Oh my God, Izza!
    Im so proud of you. That was amazing. So touching and meaningful, im so jealous of you! 😦
    That really was awesome babe!
    Love you

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