A long way to go.

Have you ever felt anger? The type that tears you from inside out, the feeling that makes you stop breathing, and you hear a ringing in your ears, the hard thumping of your heart in that instant, when the world just stops. And you know it just stopped for you.
Yet in those few seconds, when the world is at the slowest pace you have ever been at, seconds are scattered around you and you don’t understand the reason, the reason for the sore tears that lie on your cheeks, so discreetly, like a thief in the night.
And then reality hits you in that instant, and you’re back to the world that knows how to break your heart into two, without really feeling the pain.
And your anger subsides. You know you know how to feel. So you feel unconditionally, and it’s so hard not to blame someone, for your fears, your insecurities turned into reality, because of somebody else.
And in that moment, you’re confused, torn between anger and hurt, and you realize the agony you’re going through won’t go away with harsh words and tired aching screams.
So you do what you should’ve done a long time back. You gather all your emotions at hand, all which are left scattered about because you just let it be for once, and you walk away.
Walk away from the battle field. You thought you were a warrior? You can’t win a battle that wins you no gain. You know the minute you started to feel the pain that you lost before you started trying.
It’s not an empty road, no. It’s full of lights and screeching horns and yells for you to get out of the way, because somebody’s always looking to reach the destination before you. So you try, try to get in the crowd, this crowd of cold heartless souls, looking for somebody who holds a heart. And sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you find someone who won’t put you through the hurt and resentment that you know you are able to feel, and sometimes, you just keep looking, because there’s a long way to go.



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