The Struggle.

We’re all terrorists, in one way or another. It’s a phenomena. We create fear, in somebody’s life one way or another. Either its fear of being too good for someone, or is it fear of not being good enough.
People tell you to listen to your heart, most days, it seems like the right advice, the most cliché advice, but what if your hearts telling you to do the most absurd, the most bizarre, basically the most illogical.
You tell yourself the difference between right and wrong, the difference between truth and lies, between bravery and cowardice. Often, your heart tells you differently from your head, the brain draws a line, between the good and the bad; but the heart enables the bad in such a way, that the bad doesn’t seem so bad anymore. The heart finds a solution to what the brain declares to be a problem, with just a few soft words, and a smile that can comfort all. But the heart is weak, it cannot differentiate. So how does anyone trust the weak, the shallow?
You always find a conflict between the two, the heart and soul may belong to one answer, may support the structure of something else, but your head will always speak the opposite, always state the obvious, always show you the lines of black and white, never expand the horizons of the shades of grey.
So what does a person do? What do you listen too? When neither can give you the answer you are longing to hear, when there’s a tired struggle going between them.
When you’re having a silent argument with yourself, looking for anybody, who would give you the answers. Any answer, something that’s stated plainly, but something that has the strength to make you move forward, somebody who can show you how it’s done, how you move on without looking back. But no matter what decision you make, no matter what path you choose to carry on your life from there, you always look back and wonder.
That feeling is inevitable, something predictable when you know there’s a reason, there’s a rationale for a dispute to take form in the first place. Because you couldn’t decide, who was more important, the heart or the mind.
So there forms a terror in your head and heart, and the head and heart of all those that may be effected by either decision you make, the terror of the wrong decision or the dread of losing your heart to your head, when you know that there’s only one which can win, and there’s only you’re soul that would lose, either way, you always lose.


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