Into the night, does the darkness seem like an ocean ready to engulf you, take you deeper in its rich depth of layers that fill you in? Take over you in seconds, and seconds, and eventually make you gulp, make you wonder what it would feel like being drowned. In nothing but emptiness. But the question is, do you give in? Or do you struggle to reach the surface where the air is a cool cool breeze, filling up your lungs slowly and rationally, making you feel what you’ve been unable to feel.
The feeling of salvation.
You need to lose yourself, to find yourself. That is the truth. That is the light. The only lightning star in your dark gloomy night. You can either follow the moons shadow, or interpret its mood.
Is it happy? Is it surprised, is it heartbreaking? You cannot know for sure, for it only represents how you feel inside. Yet you depend on its competence on igniting that spark in you, that spark of curiosity, that feeling of knowing a secret that nobody else knows, that feeling of belonging there, where nobody can replace you, the feeling of holding the key that everybody else seems to desire.
But what happens when you don’t belong? When you’re haunted by your own fears that follow you till you run away from everything that made you want to stand your ground, that made you be you. When you’re left all alone in the spotlight in a dark room, because the night stretches out, and though you can see the light, you stretch your hands out, but you can’t reach.
Too late, it past you by. And you’re left unaccompanied.
With nothing but you’re loneliness calling out to you.


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