Nearly there.

I heard a whisper,
From the shadow of my soul,
Suddenly life dropped,
Like my whole meaning flopped,
Scrawled beneath my bed covers,
I wonder why my thoughts still shudder,
Laughter echoes from down the hall,
Summary of a song with no melody at all,
Choking through the fears of my memory,
Shutting down the sounds of a lullaby,
I’ve created this passage way further down,
Seeing everyone’s smile to a blunder frown,
Exasperated, evicted to the bottom of my soul,
Turning the tick tocks sounding so foul,
Beautiful dawn shines my way,
Making my days harder than they may,
The angel of death still hovering around
I guess it’s now, he knows what he’s found,
A parallel of life to the living hell,
It was time for life to ring the final bell,
I surrendered, as he led,
Step by step it all came to an end.



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