Many days, you get up, you know there’s a feeling, this sick feeling in your gut that something’s not right, something’s missing, somebody has gone, or somebody, may leave today.
You don’t wonder, you don’t consider the possibility, that it might be you. The presumption is always that you’re the victim and somebody else is the enemy. That’s the mind’s response to console the aching heart. So for the most part of your day, you convince yourself on the idea that wrong was done to you because let’s face it, you have to deal with yourself first.
But here’s the part that destroys the whole theory of self-interest, the part where the night comes, dark and heavy and there is not a single light in your way now, just the moon beam and a couple of stars to sparkle your thoughts, to make you really think, to make you see the legitimacy hidden behind your own dark thoughts, that may conflict with what you have made yourself believe.
That is the time, where you feel like you’re at crossroads, that you have two options, you either turn around and walk away, or you fight.
We all have been there, at one time or another. Where we underestimate our capabilities, where we persuade ourselves to go against our basic instincts, that is defense, and we settle on walking away. And sometimes our defense mechanism is too strong to permit us from walking away, so we choose to fight for a battle we have no faith in, but we fight, because we can’t consent to lose.
For some people, walking away is easy, it doesn’t reflect on your weakness, not if you don’t let it, not if you say the right words, proceed in the right manner, walking away may simply seem like, a choice. Even if it isn’t.
Choosing to stay and fight, may mirror courage and heroism but if the motivation is make-believe of self-righteousness, then it’s a fight that you’ve already lost, for a coward has many faces, and fighting for a cause that does not exist, except in your conscience, is not a cause, it’s a defect.
So maybe you’re faced with days where you’re the winner and somebody else the loser, or maybe you’re the one who leaves the arena before the fight began, but either way, you lose what you have to lose, either you fight for it, or you walk away, either way, destiny is the master of your winnings.


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