All you need is inspiration, in your darkest hour, in your lonely days, it’s all you need, to get by. You can smoke the twinge away, you can let it blow away with the wind, but something’s, no matter how far you kick away, always find a way to catch up with you in an instant.
Some people, some things, some days, and some nights, stay with you no matter what you do. You think you’ve changed, you change your reflexes, you start expecting differently, but the heart of the matter, always stings a little when you are standing face to face with what is really inside you.
You stay similar to your alteration, and that is more predictable, because there’s a stubborn part of you buried deep down inside, that refuses to change.
So you look for inspiration, you look for the light, even if you can’t find it, you stand underneath the rain, so it can wash away the smudges and you can finally see, you search for the brightest star to guide you north, your path is disguised into thorns instead of roses, so it’s more complicated to find where you belong. People say, life changes with a blink of an eye, but nothing changes in your life, however, if you don’t change.
And as long as your heart is beating, you remember everything that passed you by, everything that was lost, everything that you couldn’t forget, and everything that you chose to forget, the battles you walked away from, the fights you lost, your ideals that nobody understood so you let them go, and the words that stay etched in your brain, no matter how hard you tried to erase them and the moments where there were no words, so you made do without them. Life doesn’t change in an instant, no, it’s a tough, manipulative process, in which you get dragged in, and it’s a whirlpool of thoughts that make you look back and take notice of the change that exists in your life in that current moment, so you take charge to balance the change in your life to all that has gone by, you inspire yourself to take one step ahead, to be more than what is expected of you to be, by yourself.
And though you fail most days to be better than what you were, the last time you took notice, you instigate your morale, you try picking out the right words, for your state of mind, and you drench yourself underneath the cold cold rain to feel more than just raindrops echoing in the wake of your silent mind, you try the fast ride, with the cold wind blowing on your face, to try to feel more than just the thrill.
But you find your inspiration in the ordinary, like when you see the smile on the face of a toddler, when you catch the sparkle in a lover’s eyes, when you watch a person meditate to a being they can’t even see, only feel in emotion. You see that inspiration is beyond reach, and that’s the only thing that makes you recognize and balance your rights and your wrongs, and makes you embrace the change in your life, is where you belong.



  1. There is depth in this article, it shows how ordinary, simple things can inspire us, and the importance of being inspired to feel alive.
    A very good way to put it. Im impressed.
    Do you write for a magazine may i ask?

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