Love, a four letter word. This can either tie you forever, or set you free. You can never have enough, never claim to give enough, because it is something that cannot be measured, it is something that cannot be forced. It just is.
It can either be your savior, or it can be the poison that slowly tortures your heart into believing, to stop being.
They say, action speaks louder than words, but most days, our actions are thought out, they are predictable, they are required to be rational, but words? Words come out from the depth of your heart; they speak what can otherwise never be said. Your words mirror your instincts, and your words can either break someone’s heart, or they can fix a broken smile.
What you choose to do with your words is what matters. For it does not matter what you say, or how you say it, it’s what you mean to say. And that can make all the difference in the world.
There are so many people in your life, some you choose to disregard, others exist with the exception of the pain you put them through, and so even if you don’t know it, you can touch so many lives, without realizing. There are so many people who don’t survive your memory, who you hurt, who you probably made feel something, which you might not have felt yet with the power of your words.
Words, like the heart, are either a weapon, or a shield. So how do you want to use either today?
Mark Twain said, when you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain. So when you fight for love, when you find reasons or justifications for love, you’d never find it in your brain, you’d always find that in your heart.
Blaise Pascal once wrote, the heart has reasons that reasons cannot know.  I second this statement. For logic and reasons succumb in front of the mighty feeling of a small beating heart. A feeling that is indescribable for it is stronger than the major sense of to be, or not to be.
So when you’re finding a reason to live, when you’re finding the words to describe the pain or happiness you’re feeling, when you’re fighting for one single belief that exists in you so passionately, who do you follow in a moment like this? Do you follow your logical, reasoning friend the brain, or do you follow your frail yet strong friend, your heart? Because when you love something, anything, you love from your heart. So in times of crisis, in times of trouble, that’s who you should turn to as well.
So when you feel hopeless, when you feel troubled, when the people in your life don’t seem to be enough, because your heart aches for just one, you should know to give up, the idea of giving up.
6,697,254,041 people exist in the world today. Some are falling in love right now; some are getting their hearts broken. Some are taking a life, others are saving one. Somewhere in the world right now, a person’s heart may be aching, and someone else may finally be relieved of the pain. Somewhere someone may be walking away, and someone may be coming back.
6,697,254,041 souls finding their way, hurting, loving, living and dying. And sometimes, all you need is one. And if you’re lucky enough, if you’re the luckiest person, that one person decides to love you back.



  1. So touching, Izza… Not everyone can express feelings so well
    Good job 😉

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