The Colour Red

Maybe I’m hurt
Or maybe I know what goes wrong
Maybe its paranoia, or id rather fantasize
You’ve given me a reason to fall back and hypnotize
Either we catch the moment, or lose it
There is nothing we can do, to hold it
We’re running in a crowd of hopelessness
To save and be saved from our loneliness
We’re deceptive, we’re doubtful, saying goodbye to the hurtful
Living in illusion for the peace of heart
Broken or mended, we know, emptiness can’t be sought
Try to put the pieces together
the puzzle that won’t fit, only wither
Time goes by, unnoticed
So we hide, under the darkness, hooded
There are moments of fear, there are moments of valor
You know what lives in you, and maybe that’s the ideal for your horror
You can close your eyes, picture the lady in red
You think, she’s gone, vanished, due to the infirmity in her, that you bred.
But look closely, for it is just part of life
Nothing comes easy, and nothing comes cheap, it’s just the price you pay for the wild life
So when you dig the hole, big and deep
You sit alone, beside the emptiness of the darkness, wanting to weep
Dream the dream,
You’ll find the words, find the answers in your own questionable blame
Look closely in the distance, and you’ll find the colour red.
For sometimes, you need to be, to understand why things remain unsaid.



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