The Undying Fire

Empty thoughts that erode my twisting heart,
It’s my weakness that I seek, what cannot be sought,
I’ve lost more battles, then I’ve won,
It’s not a myth, I tried but I failed to run,
It’s a long tiring journey, this life I’ve been trying to lead,
Every day I give up, and everyday there is an ounce of hope that I try to seed,
But it doesn’t grow, and the pain never dies,
I’m consumed in all these self-assuring lies,
It’s a circle of lingering self-doubt,
I try to appease the effort, wishing I had fought,
There are days, there are nights, when I wish for sanity,
I catch a glimpse, then it’s gone, and I’m alone in my vanity,
Torn between sorrow and despair,
You say I judge, well tell me, is this fair?,
Some days it’s an ongoing painful hesitation,
So I dig a hole, deep enough for its consolation,
No, I’m not bitter, I’m just afraid,
Of choices and ideals that don’t seem to fade,
I need inspiration, the belief of possibilities,
Not an empty nest to carry all these hidden hostilities,
There are barriers, there are hurdles I’ve acknowledged to cross
So why am I stuck just before the fall, when I’ve consented to the loss?
There is an “if”, and there is always a “but”
Just one of the few lessons of life, I know I can never cut,
So no matter how heavy the burden is to carry
Some thoughts are too precious to bury
While I twist and turn my words to rhyme in this morning light,
It is an understatement, to say, my demons put up a small fight,
And so even if the fire dies out from my eyes some day,
I’ll remember in flashes, that my passion will always find a way,
And maybe these words won’t be enough,
But it’s all I’ve got to give, freely, even if all I get is a mere  rebuff.



  1. this is brilliant……if i have ur permission can i use this in one of my songs?????

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