The Perfect Illusion

Do you know how many villains it takes to make a hero? Have you ever counted the number of barriers it takes for a runner to reach the final point?
Have you ever considered the amount of right words it takes to create a particular scene?
Doesn’t it take a lot of mistakes to create a perfect melody?
And after taking into account all these things, how many times do you find yourself, at loss, to make the perfect mistakes, say all the right words, in the right order, overstep all the barriers, and defeat all your demons, to have the ideal outcome.
But most days, the thing that can always conquer your irrationality is the rush of affection, or the rush of emotion you feel in a moment, that you feel, can almost define your life, from there onwards.
And the one thing, that is always miscalculated, is the importance of the ordinary moments in your life, and how you keep trying to look for a definition of a perfect moment, or the definition of the highest or the lowest point in your life.
The classification of the perfect moment, that can define you, can never exist. So once you capture, you’re exceptional times, in the back of your head, you carry a pocketful of memories to create illusions for the rest of your days. So you hold onto that shadow of your perfection, and you try to live by it, to live in it. To surround yourself with it.
But the illusion, is just a trick of your mind, it’s just an act, and all you have to do is wait for the curtain to rip, and your illusion to turn into a ferret, or a dove, and fly away, leaving you standing there, like the rest of the audience, in awe. For illusions are not created, they are mistaken, by the weakness that exists within all of us, to hold onto the better part of yesterday. So we lie to ourselves a little, trick the soul a little, take two wrong steps, to take the one right one, so that it feels like an accomplishment.
For inside we know, that the fire is burning down, and either you can ignite the flame, or you can let it burn you down into ashes.
So you keep going over the same mistakes, the same misconceptions, to find yourself at the end of the road again, holding onto your petty illusions, hoping against all hope, not knowing that the thing that keeps you from moving forward is only you and you alone.
A hero needs a villain in the story, to be declared a hero. A warrior is not a warrior, if there is no war to begin with. Just like that, you are not a survivor, or at peace with yourself, if you haven’t complicated, meddled with, or dealt with, that other side of you, that needs to fight, that needs to question, that need not suffice to a single answer.
The fire that needs to burn in you, that passion that tends to exist within you, always needs a seed, that can be grown into something more than an illusion of what you need, of what you wish you could be.
There’s always a different perspective to winning a game. Someone will always win, and someone will always lose, but it’s not about the number of times you win, it’s about the number of times the winning, is worth it.
-“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life; your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy”
— Khalil Gibran



  1. I LOVE THIS!! this explains so many emotions and something everyone feels..i can tell so many people can relate to this..i relate to this somehow..everyone has their own illusions that they create because of the weaknesss that exists in all of us ❤

    • exactly! most of our illusiond mean a lot to our loneliness, unfulfilled ambitions and for perfection which we desire and which is unacheiveable. these illusions and imaginations are a major contributor to our smile and tear in solo…..

  2. I agree with nimrah, it is your best work. As far as relating to it goes I don’t think you couldve done a much better job I believe anyone can relate to this. All in all I’m starting to like your writing the way it is, minus the rainbows and butterflies.

  3. a very well written piece that explains so much about people. very nice

  4. Very very impressed by what you’ve written Izza. You’ve outdone yourself on this one. I enjoyed reading it a lot more cause i could see where the inspiration came from. And all of it is so true. No ones an exception to this whole process. Really liked it Izza. Should have definitely read this earlier.

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