This blog is dedicated to all those, who feel, think, and imagine things beyond what they really are.
Majorly, this blog is what saves me, my sanctuary from the real world, where I can write, when im inspired, or  in my thinking-zone,  and go beyond the ordinary feeling, to something that is exceptional, when the words come out so much more then what can be said or done.
Hoping it can help anyone reading find a way within themselves, and hoping above everything, that what I write, can make a change.
Even a small one.
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  1. I read philosophy to an extent that it seemed it had deprived me of my delicate side.. I found it again, Here.. one of the best blogs I’ve come across.

  2. well nice work, for me its very much diversified !

  3. I like your blog…shows me, that i’m not the only one with wild imagination…

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